This year has seen a dramatic shift in where I want to focus my spare time. I’m looking at advancing my crafting abilities, mainly my chain-mail work, and starting writing more. I’ve been meaning to work on writing for years but always found a reason not to.

The format will be simple to start with. The chain mail section will contain photos of the pieces that I’m making, a written piece about each one detailing the problems I’ve had and the methods I’ve learnt and employed during the creation of the piece. I’ll also use it as a place to put ideas, designs or musings about what I’m planning.

The writing section will probably be rather disjointed to start with. I’ll be using it as a place to store prompts, ideas, and rough drafts, and, eventually, I’ll post full stories. I’ll also put up thoughts and posts on the issues I’m facing while trying to find my voice.


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